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The Project


The curriculum content of each of these modules promotes innovation, responsiveness, competency, and improved performance of Distance Education Coordinators (referred to as DE Coordinators) and other related personnel within the California Community Colleges (CCC) by providing policies, resources, demonstrations, models, and research related to distance education issues.

There are 108 DECs that are managing 105 active programs. The Distance Education Coordinator is either a volunteer, faculty or staff reassigned, or they are faculty/staff who may have advanced degrees and some training in instructional design.

The objectives of these modules are designed to:

• provide knowledge of general guidelines and models

• give support and resources available to new and existing staff

• obtain recognition for completion of a program

• legitimize the necessityof Distance Education programs

• formalize a network or association with the CCC system needs

• establish recommendations for the benefit of the system

• development of identified skill sets to manage and support DE programs

• provide information on Title 5 regulations, guidelines & reporting standards

• collaboration among various segments in California Higher Education.

Use the Get Started link to review the modules.

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