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Overview of Modules


Module 1:
What is a Distance Education Coordinator?
What skills are needed to work successfully and effectively within the college or district?
A. Liaison to Chancellor’s Office, campus staff, administrators and community
B. Responsibilities of DE Coordinator in the Community College
C. Management and Leadership Skills

Module 2:
What important topics should Distance Education Coordinators know about?
A. State Policy Framework - Title 5 Regulations
B. Partnerships and Alliances
C. Identifying Cost
D. Facility Design and Infrastructure
E. Distance Education Delivery Methods
F. Hardware

Module 3:
What issues should Distance Education Coordinators be aware of on their campus or district?
A. Faculty Issues
B. Distance Education Instructional Components
C. Distance Education Instructional Tools
D. Student Support Services

Module 4:
Who do Distance Education Coordinators need to know and why is interaction important?
A. Related On-Campus Committees, Departments and Offices
B. Off-Campus Contacts

Module 5:
What programs, projects or resources are available for Distance Education Coordinators?
Why are they important?
A. Professional Organizations and Groups Supporting Technology

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