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Module 3 References - gathered by participants during research

Module 3 A

American Association of University Professors, "Special Committee on Distance Education and Intellectual Property Issues;"

Throw Me a Rope: A Distance Learning Faculty Guide is from a faculty perspective.

Penn State University, "The Report of the Task Force on distance Education,"

Center for Intellectual Property and Copyright in the Digital Environment

Example of DE Faculty Handbook

Digital Millenium Copyright Act

Module 3 B



Module 3 C

DVD DeMystified:


Create Digital Video - QuickTime

ClipArt 101- Education World

LINC Caddie Portal Factory -
This is the home for the LINC Learning Management System Caddie.

Polycom - - Streamstation adds streaming to Polycom's line of videoconference systems; Webstation allows powerpoint/html slides to be shared via the internet and showstation IP allows live media to be broadcast over the net. Great sources for equipment and solutions.

Training Place - - This is a list of vendors offering courseware and/or software and other e-learning solutions. All trademarks are the property of their rightful owners.


Module 3 D

The web-accessible literature about distance education and e-counseling is voluminous.  Here is a small sample:

NACADA - The National ACademic ADvising Association provides a clearinghouse of resources on advising.  The NACADA web site includes full-text articles such as:

Student Populations: Distance Learners A profile of the characteristics and requirements of distance education students.

Delivery Modes: Managing Electronic Communication computer communications from the counselor's viewpoint.  Includes information on counseling applications of Frequently Asked Questions, email, and templates that can simplify replying to student messages.

Administrative Issues: NACADA Standards for Advising Distance Students standards for academic advising in a distance education environment.

For a complete index see:

An article elsewhere on the NACADA web site, entitled "Advising Distance Learners," may be of special interest.  See:

The Mentor: An Academic Advising Journal - The Mentor, a free electronic publication about academic advising in higher education, is published by the Center for Excellence in Academic Advising at Penn State.  The web site includes a searchable archive.  See:

Distance Education at a Glance - Published by the College of Engineering at the University of Idaho, this is actually an online booklet of 13 chapters filled with practical information and advice about distance education.  Checklists; lists of do's and don'ts; delineations of advantages and disadvantages; and a repeated admonition to focus on student needs, and not on the technology, are all rewarding.  Some of the technical material is dated.  See:





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