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Module 3:
What issues should Distance Education Coordinators be aware of on their campus or district?





Topic D: Student Support Services - Introduction



In this module, you will learn about the support services needed for students to succeed in courses that are delivered at a distance.








The goal of Student Support Services is to enable students to make the most of their educational opportunities, to produce academic work that reflects their true potential, and to get a running start on a useful and rewarding occupation. By its nature, effective distance education depends on a broad array of support services. It’s therefore essential that as a Distance Education Coordinator, you understand how Student Support Services can:

• Help students determine whether Distance Education is right for them
• Help students use Distance Education technology
• Provide support resources for a virtual campus (parallels bricks-and-mortar campus)
• Help counselors deliver academic, career, & personal guidance to students at a distance
• Help faculty maintain awareness of student progress
• Provide tutoring to students who need it
• Serve students who have special accessibility requirements
• Help students who can’t afford — or think they can’t afford — to attend a community college



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