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Module 3:
What issues should Distance Education Coordinators be aware of on their campus or district?





Topic C: Distance Education Instructional Tools





In this module, you will learn about instructional tools used in technology-mediated instruction, how to choose those tools, and what is needed in a distance delivery modality.



The use of the internet as a delivery modality, and the wide range of software tools available, has raised questions as to what tools are most appropriate for the development and delivery of courses, training modules, and learning materials. Many tools are available, but what critieria does the institution use to determine what best fits the needs of the faculty, administration, computer department and most importantly, the student?

When institutions embark on a selection process for these tools, the decision criteria often includes:

• technical capabilities
• budget limitations
• various server and client platforms
• cost of ownership
• maintenance
• replacement and updating
• local support
• outsourcing/leasing

Instuituions supporting various platforms, will look for cross-platform versatility in the products reviewed. Those managing a networking academy will look for hardware, software and documentation options in the packages or licenses purchased. Each group will have a priority list. That is why early cooperation with all parties is very important.

Many higher education institutions find ways to implement and manage distance education instruction by using local personnel and resources, purchasing components for course management, or outsourcing the tools and services used in delivering distance education entirely.

There are so many choices! This section is meant as a guide. The most current information is available on the internet . Use Google or another search engine for instructional tools

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