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Module 2:
What important topics should Distance Education Coordinators know about?





Topic F: Hardware





In this module, you will learn about the relationship between vendors, hardware issues, and building a successful Distance Education program.











Hardware choices are dictated by the desired modes of delivery, budget and the needs of the college to serve their students. The institution and faculty are the providers and the learner is the receiver on the other end. It is very difficult to predict what the student will be using at their home, but making the campus resources available and effective is half the battle.

Hardware Issues on Campus

The DE Coordinator may be in on the conversations from the viewpoint of:

• how will it effect the delivery of course materials and services?

• what is needed to maintain consistency, redundancy, security of the servers?

• what is needed to allow flexibility of use (faculty remote access)?

• will the hardware be upgraded regularly ?

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