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Module 2:
What important topics should Distance Education Coordinators know about?





Topic B: Partnerships and Alliances





In this module, you will learn about a variety of partnerships and alliances that are essential to creating a vital Distance Education Program.








A successful distance learning program requires a variety of partnerships and alliances and such collaborations can benefit all involved parties.

Partnerships and alliances can help community colleges by improving access and increasing services available to their students. With some in their infancy and others at the onset of gawky adolescence, through partnerships and alliances the whole of distance learning programs throughout the state is definitely greater than the sum of the individual programs. Whether borne of necessity or evolved from innovation, knowing what is going on with the distance learning program next door benefits all programs.

Community colleges also serve as the bridge between secondary education and baccalaureate programs. Program development and special support services can be facilitated through external partnerships and partnerships also provide professional networking opportunities.

Changes in state budgets, such as for the California community college, are always a concern to the Distance learning programs.

Fortunately, there are a number of organizations and businesses offering services, resources and products that support the development and operation of distance education programs. Distance Education Coordinators need to be aware of these options in order to make contract and licensing recommendation to their administration, gain the support of their Academic Senate and related on-campus committees, assist distance learning faculty with course development and instruction and to provide an effective and cost effective online learning environment for their students.

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