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Module 1:
What is a Distance Education Coordinator?
What behaviors/skills are needed to work successfully and effectively within the college or district?






Topic C: Management and Leadership in Distance Learning





In this module, you will review the skills a Distance Education Coordinator needs to acquire in management and leadership.




Issue: Team building and strategic planning




Management provides consistency, control, and efficiency with or without new ideas and processes. Leadership fosters purpose, creativity, imagination, and drive.

Organizational leadership can come from a variety of people in a number of roles. In a time of change and challenge, managing well requires elements of leadership (Shoemaker, 1998, p 29).

While community colleges in California have been engaged in distance learning activities for more than thirty years, the recent nationwide explosion in web-based learning has brought new scrutiny to teaching and learning using technology. Campus distance learning personnel and faculty pioneers are frequently called upon to provide leadership and vision regarding the expansion of distance learning and technology-mediated instruction. Strong management and leadership skills are essential to engaging the organization and campus culture in this transformation.

Organizational change requires persistence, advocacy, team building and adept strategic planning. Campus policies and procedures are reviewed, debated, and often changed to create more student-centered learning environments. Academic divisions engage in lively discussions to identify the courses that should and should not be delivered via distance learning or supported by technology. Quality standards, student retention rates, virtual or proctored testing, transfer agreements and faculty contracts are examined and policy changes implemented. Campus technology infrastructure is assessed, supported and upgrades planned. The distance learning profession must be prepared to engage in these discussions and to provide informed and effective campus leadership.


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