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Module 1:
What is a Distance Education Coordinator? What behaviors/skills are needed to work successfully and effectively within the college or district?






Topic B: Responsibilities of Distance Education Coordinator in Community College





In this module, you will begin to define the duties of a Distance Education Coordinator and what behaviors and skills are necessary to develop a successful DE Program, that is similar in all community colleges.




Issue: The Distance Education Coordinator in the California Community Colleges





The role of the Distance Education Coordinator is to serve as the champion of distance learning to both internal and external stakeholders. The coordinator for distance education must keep in mind the needs and interests of students and faculty, while simultaneously working with the college community to meet institutional goals through the effective implementation of technology-delivered instruction. In addition, this point person for distance learning must serve as the first point of contact for the CCC Chancellor's Office, and should be knowledgeable about specific Title 5 regulations for distance learning, as referenced earlier. A less common model for a distance education unit is to report to the administrator responsible for Workforce and Economic Development, which parallels the California State Universities which have distance education as a subsidiary of the School of Continuing and Extended (or Regional) Education.

This professional serves as an advocate for distance education programs within the college, in cooperation with academic deans, department chairs/heads, counseling, admissions and records, financial aid, and the bookstore for credit distance learning endeavors. The distance learning coordinator must participate in collegewide strategic planning, budgeting, program development, accreditation, transfer, intersegmental articulation issues, college Curriculum Committee and student services. In addition, a working knowledge of technologies used and those available for enhancement of the distance learning delivery systems is crucial in order to make the best decisions possible and to maintain effectiveness, efficiency, and technological currency in this changing instructional landscape.





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